Performance Portfolio 2

On Thursday the 11th of May, I had the opportunity to share the stage with amazing friends and classmates for the purpose of our last performance assessment in the Masters of Popular Music Performance.

The assessment was done throughout the course of two days since there wasn’t enough time for all of us to perform on Thursday. Throughout both days I got to perform as a backing vocalist and a lead singer for my classmate’s performances which I really loved and enjoyed! The atmosphere was great, the music was incredible!

Last on the list was my performance, where despite the long and tiring day, I was so excited to do what I adore the most, singing. Performing original songs and original arrangements of other songs, I had the time of my life on stage! My setlist was composed with songs based on the theme of Dreams as onERA, a wordplay using my stage name Era and the Greek word όνειρα (onira) that translates into dreams.

Rock vibe, graphics and videos on the screen, some dance moves and capes for the entire band were some of the highlights of my 30 minute performance.

However, I wouldn’t be able to make it without my amazing band:
Piano: Valerio Vaiarelli
Guitar: Emanuele Grisafi
Bass: Filippo Biondo
Drums: Az Khan
Backing Vocals – singing buddies:

  • Shana Burton
  • Kate Geisler

Check them out, they are amazing musicians! I would also like to thank Sam Renascent and Nearchos Evangelou for their support! To the people who came to see me also, and the ones that couldn’t make it but really wanted to, thank you all for helping me doing what I love the most!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live my dream!

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