Researched and reviewed by Jonathan Warren MotaFariaJorge

What’s the name of the app?


What does it do?

This app is free to download, it helps to access blackboard easily without a computer nearby, see all your courses, assignments, marks and more on the go.

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Why should a university student use it? How does it help?

Contains a timetable with your assignment due dates to show when your next assignment is due.

Are there any disadvantages?

The bad things about the app are that it does not show me all the due dates on my assignments, so I could potentially end up missing on a due date if I rely solely on the app. I also found that I have to constantly log in to the app. Would definitely recommend using the app if you are on the go and want to check up on your university work but I would prefer to use a computer when it comes to doing my work as I find it easier and more reliable to use the website version of blackboard.