Researched and reviewed by Deirdre Burnham and Sophie McWilliams

What’s the name of the app?


What does the app do?

Gradeproof is a grammar checker designed to improve your writing. Its main features include spelling and grammar check, plagiarism check and word count. This can be extremely helpful to students who are looking to check their assignments before submitting, especially international students who want to be sure there are no mistakes. The rewording/rephrasing feature gives you multiple word options which will allow you to improve your vocabulary
Gradeproof is available to use through the downloadable app which is great for when you are out using your phone, it is also available through the website which you would use with your laptop/desktop, this makes it more practical as you are able to see everything clearly at a bigger size as well as being able to access things easier.
This app allows you to transfer your documents through an email attachment, iCloud account or dropbox, this makes it easy to use for people on a mobile device. You are also given the option to write your work manually into the app which could be more useful for people on the website as the work could be copied and pasted without the risk of losing the work.

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Why is this app good for students?

This app is a really good way for students to double check essays or any other kind of formal writing. This app was able to pick up small grammar and spelling mistakes that were not picked up by spell check/grammar corrector in Microsoft Word or Google docs. If a student chooses to pay for premium or get a seven day free trial, rephrase it, reword it and plagiarism check, are all very useful tools. The rephrase it tool does a very good job of making sentences sound more formal by suggesting words/phrases that could be removed, replaced, or reworded. Reword it is a good tool if there are particular sentences that a student wants reworded. The app divides up the writing into sentences and the user can then choose a sentence to be reworded.

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One major disadvantage of this app is that to access three-fourths of this app’s tools, a premium membership is required. A premium membership costs $9.99 US dollars a month, which is roughly equal to £8 GBP. Another disadvantage is that the plagiarism check only is able to check online sources. If someone were copy information straight from a printed source that is not available online, the app would not recognise it as plagiarised information.