Researched and reviewed by Chande Roberts

What’s the name of the app?

The app is called Learn Python.

Image from Learn Python

What does it do?

The app it safe and free to use on Apple store and Play store
The use of these app is helpful for students or anyone who’s interested the app can give you better knowledge of the how to code and the different tasks and questions that are provided by the app. Python is a computer program language which is (coding) there’s other languages that can be used e.g. JavaScript, C++ and many more but using Python will give you a better idea of how to use all others languages as it more commonly used and better while using GitHub. You have levels in the app that are selective, the more knowledge you have your able to achieve the next level which is rewarding as every level is difficult at different stages.

Image from Google play store

Why should a university student use it? How does it help?

The reason that someone should us this app is because of the experience you gain from using it, also you able to conversant with others and get a better explanation and understanding about how the code is used in Idle (interpreter). The goodness of the app will expand your mind from what you may learn differently in class etc and the difference from what tasks are have on the app.
If your studying any related computer software courses or personally doing it as a hobby your able to gain understand with more experience of how to use Python, and how it can be used in Idle (interpreter).

Are there any disadvantages?

The disadvantages of the app there’s none. Its great!