Researched and reviewed by Mahidur Rahman.

What’s the app called?


How much does it cost?

It’s free.

What does it do?

You can communicate with others so it’s an app for collaborating on ideas with other people.  It you to post images, videos, comments and ideas about whatever you want to say and people can respond to your comment.

 Picture from ITunes apple store.

Why should a university student use it?

A university student should use if there’s a class discussion it will allow other students to share their ideas. Also you can upload images of your discussion example if it is a particular topic you may take snaps of information from a text book adding a heading to it so this means others can view it and comment. Also it allows students to communicate for general purposes such as social too so it engages students to interact.

What’s good about the app?

The good thing about this app for class discussions is that it allows you to share your ideas with other as well as you seeing what others have to say, this will enable you to gather more information using others ideas too.

 Picture from ITunes apple store.

The app is…

-Easy to use
-creative learning
-sharing ideas
-Good way to communicate with loads of people

Disadvantages of the app

-You need either Wi-Fi or mobile data to use the app
-battery drainage
-The layout of the app isn’t good (layout should be better so it’s easier to understand so not everything is together)